Bob Nuttall honored with Grand Master title by friends, colleagues

QXFM had the pleasure of attending one of the most inspiring and touching ceremonies we have ever been a part of. Of course, this was in our home town, at our own courthouse, and in honor of one of Parker County’s long time residents, Bob Nuttall.

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Things started off a bit shaky as we entered the second floor of the Parker County Courthouse; the rain was doing it’s best to delay the ceremony, causing a horrendous accident on I-20 coming into Weatherford that delayed many wanting to attend. Despite the bad weather, the show would go on, and Emcee Ed Huddleston did a marvelous job keeping control of the enormous crowd, and following through on his delievery of the ceremony as a whole; a mixture of moments reminiscing about his relationship with Bob, and jokes that hit the spot throughout.

Ed Huddleston - Master of Ceremonies

Ed Huddleston – Master of Ceremonies

Bob was not only congratulated by all of us in attendance with the press, but groups of citizens from Weatherford and Parker County, families that through the generations, have had Bob mold and fortify children into the adults they have become, and also a slew of the most notable politicians in Parker County: The Honorable Judges Jerry Buckner, Ben Akers, and Craig Towson – Weatherford Mayor Deniss Hooks.


Mayor Dennis Hooks, Bob Nuttall, Pat Burleson

Each of the speakers, the afore-mentioned politicians, knows Mr. Nuttall on a personal level, and through the very emotional dialogues, recalled very personal moments that they have spent the new Grand Master. The moment that stood out most in our mind? Judge Craig Towson describing the “Bushido Code” or “The Warrior’s Way”, a Japanese tradition that described the life of a Samurai. Towson took us on a journey of past and present as he recited the english translation of the Code, and inspired us all when he said, with an attitude of certainty, that Bob Nuttall “was a walking example of all the attributes that coincide with the Warrior’s Way: Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, and Loyalty”.

Judge Craig Towson describe Bob as a walking Bushido Code

Judge Craig Towson describe Bob as a walking Bushido Code

In conclusion, in a speech that was both short and sweet, Nuttall’s long time instructor and friend, Pat Burleson took the podium to explain the past of Karate in the U.S. and the passion that “Bob took in being one of the first students to really devote his life to this study”.  A very energetic awarding ceremony ensued, where Burleson would initiate the changing of belts, from 9th Degree black belt to 10th Degree and Grand Master Status, solidifying Bob Nuttall’s place in the very fabric of history that is karate.

The changing of the belts ceremony video (click to watch the minute long ceremony)

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QXFM would like to congratulate Mr. Nuttall again on not only his current achievements, but for everything he has done since starting the study of martial arts in the 1960′s; he has been a staple in the Parker County community for years, and will continue to be for years to come, as a living example of the “Bushido Code” for generations to come.


5 thoughts on “Bob Nuttall honored with Grand Master title by friends, colleagues

  1. I am so sorry I missed this event. I’ve known Bob for years and consider it an honor to be his friend. Weatherford is a better place to live because of him.